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Wood kitchens are a timeless and elegant choice, offering a natural warmth to your home. The durable and long-lasting material is easy to clean and maintain, so your kitchen will look fresh and new for years to come. Book an appointment


Why choose solid wood?

Solid wood is the best material you can choose for your kitchen cabinets as they will last for decades. We offer a range of wood types to match your aesthetic, and they are easy to stain or paint to get the exact shade.

Solid wood cabinets will keep their value over time, unlike cheaper, trendy materials. This makes solid wood kitchens a great investment, and can positively impact the resale value of your home.


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Navigating the Forest of Wood Options

There are various wood types that we use for our bespoke kitchen cabinets, each with its own unique look and feel. Oak, maple, cherry and walnut are our most popular options. 

Oak is a classic choice that is so popular because it is timeless. You can add a contemporary twist by opting for a handleless style or cooler-toned oak. Maple wood can brighten up your kitchen, and it is compatible with many different stains if you’re looking to customise the natural finish. 

If you prefer warm tones, cherry wood is rich in colour and creates a luxurious atmosphere. Its tight grain gives a smooth finish and it will naturally darken over time. Choose decorative handles and hardware for ultimate opulence.

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Get Inspired by Our Portfolio

Explore the solid wood kitchens we have designed, crafted and installed across homes in Leicestershire here.

What our clients say about their Wood Kitchen

“We’re delighted with our new shaker kitchen featuring a solid oak island – it exudes craftsmanship and warmth. The natural materials add a timeless charm, making our kitchen both functional and visually stunning. A huge thank you to the team for creating the heart of our home!”

Mr & Mrs Coates


Custom Woodwork Mastery: Cabinets and Doors Tailored for You

Wood kitchens can be finished in various ways, including stained, painted, or glazed. For the natural beauty of the wood to shine through, opt for stained wood. If you’re looking for a polished look and a touch of luxury, choose a glazed wood kitchen. You may want to experience the benefits of solid wood, but have your heart set on a bold colour; in this case, we can paint your kitchen cabinets and doors in a custom shade.

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Our Designer Says

Solid oak kitchens exude timeless elegance with their natural grain patterns, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Beyond aesthetic charm, oak’s durability ensures longevity, while its versatility allows for diverse design options, making it a top choice for crafting enduring and stylish culinary spaces.


Crafting Wood Kitchens with Conscious Material Choices

At Portree, we are committed to the intersection of sustainability and conscientious craftsmanship, evident in our choice of eco-friendly materials for our wood kitchens. We meticulously source components from local UK companies, not only fostering community support but also significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

In our dedication to sustainability, we use recycled and sustainable wood products from FSC-approved suppliers for our wood kitchens. Furthermore, we actively engage in furniture recycling whenever possible.


The Complete Solution: From Design to Installation

From your initial design consultation to the final installation, we come on the journey to a perfect wood kitchen with you.

Whether you have a blank canvas or an unusual shaped room to work around, our experienced designers will create a kitchen that will stand the test of time. 

You will have a dedicated project manager to support you at each stage of the process. At your showroom visit, we’ll have a thorough conversation with you about:

  • The reasons for your new kitchen
  • Colour palettes you like
  • Your lifestyle
  • Features you’re looking for 
  • Appliances
  • Worktops

Made to Measure for a Premium Finish

Investing in a made-to-measure wood kitchen is a decision that promises a bespoke culinary space and a lifestyle upgrade. We perfectly align the kitchen with the architectural layout of your home and create solutions that surpass your expectations.

Our premium finishes are achieved by only offering made-to-measure kitchens. After taking accurate readings of the room, we add the data into the 3D design, where we adapt the design in line with your feedback.

When you’re thrilled with the designs, our joiners will handcraft your new cabinets and doors, and install them efficiently. You can choose your appliances with us too! We only supply trusted brands with a generous warranty.

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